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Our extensive experience in administration, classroom instruction, educational research, staff development and professional coaching have prepared us well.


A highly interactive approach is used in trainings and presentations that will incorporate discussion, cooperative learning, and extensive use of multi-media, while utilizing some of Harvey Silver’s “Tools for Thoughtful Assessment”. Presentations are researched based, focusing on pedagogy that promotes a positive school/classroom culture leading to a high level of engagement. Topics include:

  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Burnout
  • Building a positive culture
  • Negativity & Self Doubt
  • Creativity
  • Longing & Transformation

Trainings and Presentations can be tailored for educational leaders, classroom teachers and also businesses and organizations.


Root-Ed provides one-on-one and small group coaching/support for administrators which focuses on root issues that lead to continuing transformation for leaders.

"Wonderful! Wish it was longer. This (Class on Intrinsic Motivation) needs to be developed into a college course that all undergraduate education majors are required to take."

High School English Teacher

“Have you presented this (Class on Burnout) to all principals?  This could transform the culture of our schools.”

Middle School Counselor

“I feel rejuvenated to attack my profession in a new and innovative way (Class on Creativity and Burnout).”

Special Education Teacher

“This (Class on Reframing Burnout) is just what the doctor ordered. I leave with a renewed appreciation for the important job we do.”

Third Grade Teacher

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