We’ve all heard of déjà vu – a feeling or sensation of having already experienced this current situation or circumstance.  But vuja de – looking at a very familiar situation and seeing it anew with fresh eyes – has also become a popular concept.  Vuja de could be a key for educators that unlocks their ability to see things in a new way.  Maybe we need to see a struggling student or colleague from a fresh perspective.  Maybe this hopeless situation with this class, or student or colleague is ripe with opportunity and possibility.  Maybe hidden behind the student’s poor behavior or lack of success is a wealth of creativity.  Maybe vuja de could even reverse our assumptions about cause and effect or about what matters most versus what matters least.  Maybe we all need to take a second look at very familiar people and situations and see for the first time.

Fran McGreevy from “Root-Ed – Leadership & Learning”

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