Our Mission

To call, inspire and guide all learners to a high level of personal engagement in the learning process through:

  • Training in Pedagogy applicable across all content areas and grade levels that produces engagement based on a deeper understanding of the research behind human motivation
  • An understanding and application of practices that recognize the roles that emotion and relationship play in learning
  • Defining and teaching elements necessary for a positive building and classroom culture

Have we been off base regarding the proper focus in our schools & the conditions under which teachers thrive and students learn at a high level?

Have our organizational structures and practices contributed to a loss of energy and engagement for teachers, staff and students?

What is the root of our struggles?

What to Expect

Participants will unearth key understandings, approaches and shifts in thinking that support autonomy and can create school cultures that bring energy and engagement.

Learn engaging researched based instructional strategies
Explore the role that competency, autonomy and relatedness can play in your building
Understand burnout, its effects, and how to overcome it

Inaugural Root-Ed Conference Recap

Our first conference at the Webb was a great success thanks to the passionate educators who attended and participated. Over 25 administrators and teachers from throughout WNY joined us and contributed to our discussion.

Some highlights included:

  • Modeled research based instructional strategies that resulted in rich discussions and professional sharing from so many experienced educators.
  • A foundation laid based on an “aha” experience regarding the value of a person.
  • A discussion rooted in philosophy, history, and research regarding what a person is (longing, thinking, choosing) and what a person’s basic needs are (autonomy, competency, relatedness).
  • Great interaction and debate regarding whether we fully honor personhood in our schools and how we motivate our teachers and students.
  • Shared perspectives on how we can build a school culture that honors the individual and fosters intrinsic motivation.
  • A look at the inverse relationship between control and engagement.
  • An understanding of the importance of replacing our “transactions” with “interactions.”
  • A discussion on resistance as a force that can be paralyzing or energizing, depending on how we frame it.
  • A look at what we know about burnout, its effects on administrators, teachers, and students, and how we can escape or overcome it through a willingness to be vulnerable.
  • The keys to a meaningful life and an action plan for overcoming burnout/coming fully alive.
  • An understanding of the value of time, how limited it is, and how urgently the world needs the unique giftedness our administrators, teachers, and students have to offer.

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When & Where is it?

Thursday, July 21st, 2016
9:00am - 3:00pm
Pearl At The Webb

92 Pearl St Buffalo, New York 14202

Who is it for?

We welcome current and future leaders in education - administrators and teachers.

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Francis McGreevy

Fran McGreevyFran McGreevy has 42 years of experience in education.  He has served as a high school teacher and building administrator for 30 years.  He currently is a middle school principal in Western New York. With Pete Dobmeier, Fran has led numerous staff development classes at the building, district and college levels. He is passionate about the value of the person, both student and educator and how that plays out in schools.

Pete Dobmeier

Pete DobmeierPete Dobmeier has worked in education for 15 years as a researcher, high school teacher, and middle school administrator. With Fran McGreevy, Pete has led numerous staff development classes at the building, district, and college levels. He is continually researching and exploring the conditions under which we can create school and classroom cultures that bring students and educators fully alive – engaged in heart, mind, and will.